Bringing you back to 16th century Japan, through the journey of tea.


Konnichiwa from Tai-an Tea Co.,

Our mission is to show our love for organic Matcha, through the beauty of traditional Japanese culture. Here at Tai-an Tea Co., we are a family. Everything we do comes from the bottom of our hearts. We believe Matcha is not quite understood outside of Japan.

Our team will fight vigorously to teach each of our "Matcha Family" customers what it means to drink a cup of organic Matcha. Matcha has such a deep rooted history that dates back to the 16th century Japan. In the beginning , Matcha was considered sacred and only important influential people from Emperors, Samurai, Monks and the rich had access or the means to receive Matcha.

Our team truly believes if everyone understood where Matcha came from and what it takes to create such a special blessing, others outside of Japan would be more interested in learning more about Matcha green tea. Matcha is a significant part of the beautiful Japanese culture.


We hope in the next 10 years, Tai-an Tea Co. will have the means to open a 16th century traditional Japanese tea house in Oklahoma, United States of America. Our vision of the tea house will offer many services;

  1. Tai-an Tea Co. Matcha consumer shop
  2. Cafe - Traditional Matcha tea bowl and sweet set.
  3. Green tea history room - Informative by pictures, wall scrolls, artifacts, and more.
  4. Tea ceremony room - Practice a simple version of the Japanese tea ceremony in a full Japanese Kimono (Traditional Japanese Clothing).
  5. Tea tasting room - By appointment, first time green tea drinkers may try Tai-an Tea Co. Matcha and ask any questions they feel necessary.
  6. Japanese garden - No view is better while drinking Matcha than gazing at a beautiful Japanese garden. This allows you to be completely infused within the culture.

Our family owned Matcha company may be small but our hearts and passion will always shine through. Our company will do everything we can to treat every customer like our family. In reality, without your support our dream isn't possible. We have the upmost respect for each customer that chooses to follow Tai-an Tea Co.

Our founder is personally dedicated to find the best organic Matcha that Japan has to offer each and every year. Our team is truly eager in growing our Matcha family and sharing our true passion with the world.

Your Matcha Family,
Tai-an Tea Co.