Bringing you back to 16th century Japan, through the journey of tea.

About tai-an tea co

We are a small family owned organic Matcha green tea company. We choose to live in Japan because it gives our team the special privilege to be able to travel to tea farms throughout Japan at any given moment. Being engulfed in "Matcha Culture" all year around, encourages Tai-an Tea Co. to have the most current information regarding organic Matcha available.

Our company's image is based off of Sen no Rikyu and his views of the Japanese tea ceremony. We truly love the history of Matcha and how it has evolved through time. In Japan, tea is not just tea, but it's a way of life. Tai-an Tea Co. wants to bring you back to the 16th century Japan, through the "Journey of Tea" or "Chado", which is referring to the Japanese tea ceremony.

In Fact, our company's name is Tai-an Tea Co. Tai-an is the name of the oldest original tea house in Japan. It was built by tea master Sen no Rikyu and the tea house is now a national treasure located inside a Zen temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Tai-an Tea Co's foundation was built on the four principles of the Japanese tea ceremony. The principles are respect, purity, harmony, and tranquility. We are dedicated to following these principles each and everyday and we hope all of our customers enjoy learning the history of Japan, through tea, as much as we do.


What people fail to realize is that farming conditions change every year. Climate and mother nature are the biggest hurdles that tea famers much endure. Simply, no Matcha will ever look, smell, or taste the same as the next harvest. Organic Matcha is much more challenging to harvest than non-organic because of the strict regulations. Our unique business plan allows us to bring consistently high quality organic Matcha all year around.

Brandon Wright, the founder of Tai-an Tea Co. will travel to tea farms throughout Japan to collect samples of the best organic Matcha. In truth, there are only a 5-6 regions that grow high quality organic Matcha every year. This was a major factor on why our family moved to Japan. Our founder as the upmost respect for Organic Matcha.
Our team sends the organic Matcha samples to be tested for radiation. Then perform a quality test based on color, smell, and taste. After both tests are complete, our team decides which organic Matcha best represents Tai-an Tea Co.
After choosing which Matcha bests represents our company, we send Matcha straight from the tea farm to the certified organic packaging & labeling facility. Then perform a safety check of the completed packaged and labeled items. We take pride in our serious product safety measures.
Lastly, our team ships Matcha in small quantities to Amazon, USA. Amazon fulfillment is a world class shipping service offered to businesses around the world. Allowing Amazon to control our shipping service, gives Tai-an Tea Co. more time to focus on other important aspects of our business development.