Bringing you back to 16th century Japan, through the journey of tea.


Konnichiwa from Tai-an Tea Co.,

My name is Brandon Wright. I am the founder of Tai-an Tea Co. I was born and raised in a small wonderful town called Ada, Oklahoma. After graduating from East Central University, I moved to Kochi, Japan to start my very own organic Matcha green tea company. Moving to Japan was the best decision I ever made professionally and personally.

In high-school, I was very fortunate to be able to partake in an international exchange program with Ibaraki Christian High School in Japan. During my time in Japan I discovered Matcha and the Japanese tea ceremony. The tea ceremony lesson taught me to put more emphasis on the aesthetics of preparing a bowl of tea from our hearts, rather than focusing on the tea itself.

When I drank my first cup of Matcha, all of life's stresses were temporarily gone. I was in a moment of complete silence. I had an epiphany, I knew in my heart this was my dream company. Sometimes we get caught up in life's hardships and find it hard to ground ourselves. Matcha green tea is my own personal vice that gives me pure joy every time I take a drink.

Matcha and the Japanese tea ceremony have changed my life in many ways. I now look at life with more respect, purity, harmony, and tranquility. Astonishingly, these also happen to be the four principles of the Japanese tea ceremony.

I truly hope Matcha can give you the same happiness that it has given me. My heart is 100% committed to being the most caring, sincere, and honest leader I can be. Words cannot describe how excited I am for you to join me on this journey."

Your Matcha Family,