Bringing you back to 16th century Japan, through the journey of tea.

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Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We will do our very best to respond within 2 business days. Our company is dedicated in growing our "Matcha Family" each and every day. Our founder Brandon Wright will personally respond to every email individually.

As stated in our website, our founder lives in Kochi, Japan. At this time we cannot release a company phone number. The time zones between United States and Japan are quite different. Although we would be happy to set up an appointment for a meeting by email. We will accommodate our customers the best we can.

Tai-an Tea Co. would be very happy to receive inquiries about our company. All emails or concerns will allow us to improve our company in all aspects. Please feel free to contact Tai-an Tea Co.

In fact, any encouraging or supportive testimonials with a photo will be posted on our website within 30 days of receiving.

We are so excited to start this Matcha Journey with you all.

Your Matcha Family,
Tai-an Tea Co.

contact us

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TAI-AN TEA CO., LLC 100 Park Ave Suite 700 Oklahoma City, Ok 73102